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Sticky’s Finger Joint was created out of a love for chicken fingers, and the desire to think outside of the box for how a restaurant could serve them. The founders of Sticky’s thought there were a lot of New Yorkers who really loved chicken fingers but didn’t have a great place to get them; and thus, Sticky’s was born! Our first location opened on March 22nd, 2012 in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. The store was featured on the Food Network show “3 Days to Open with Bobby Flay” along with numerous other TV shows and magazines. We offer an abundance of homemade dipping sauces, inspired by cuisines from all around the world. We source ingredients locally and use farm-raised, antibiotic-free, hormone-free chicken.










Sticky’s has always placed an importance on thinking creatively and doing things differently than others. We hire people from all different backgrounds, encourage individuality, and want to make everyone feel at home when they come into our stores. We work with local artists to design our locations with original murals, play energetic music, and stay open late.

As we continue to open new locations and grow our team, we vow to never forget what got us here: passion, creativity, inclusivity, and delicious chicken.

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StickysStaff min

Tucker Brown

Lead Designer Branding and Digital Experience

I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and all things relating to science.

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    Dan Cohen

    District Manager

    Coming Soon

      StickysStaff2019 14 min

      Maria Correonero Maillo

      Marketing Director

      I play music and I placed second in a national yo-yo competition when I was nine.


        Theo Dubin

        Director of Construction and Design

        I like to drink hot sauce straight out of the bottle


          Wes Frisk

          General Manager of BTC,NJ

          I like my hip-hop loud and my chicken fried!

            StickysStaff2019 25 min

            Alana Gharzita

            Finance Manager

            I love planning the most custom-tailored birthday cakes.

              StickysStaff2019 29 min

              Allister Gibbs

              General Manager

              I once flew a small plane.

                StickysStaff2019 20 min

                Steve Gornic

                Director of Culinary Operations

                Two days before I started working at Sticky’s I broke my ribs and hip in a snowboarding accident (I like to go fast). I did not make the smoothest entrance on my first day...

                  StickysStaff2019 5 min

                  Jamie Greer

                  Director of Operations

                  I'll never know what movie you're quoting.

                    StickysStaff2019 1 min

                    Jon Harary

                    Brand Marketing Manager

                    I love going to General Tso Heaven

                      StickysStaff2019 17 min

                      Evangelos Liandrakis

                      Director of Technology

                      In the past, I have produced many musical tracks and mixes, some being monthly YouTube uploads.


                        Olena Liandrakis

                        Catering Coordinator

                        I dream of going swimming with platypi someday!

                          StickysStaff2019 8 min

                          Mabel Marte

                          General Manager

                          I stopped eating nuggets after working at sticky's. I saw a huge difference in texture and taste.


                            Carlos Ortiz

                            Kitchen Manager

                            I feel like a celebrity when I wear my Stickys t-shirt, people stop and tell me how much they love our food!🍗🍗🍗🍗

                              StickysStaff2019 22 min

                              Krisen Ramkissoon

                              Director of Human Resources

                              I'm a fish nerd as my wife so eloquently puts it, basically, I'm borderline obsessed with reef aquariums and saltwater critters.


                                Javier Reyes

                                Kitchen Operations Specialist

                                One time I accidentally put three cups of garlic into a Vindaloo BBQ sauce instead of three spoons… I had to redo the whole thing!

                                  StickysStaff2019 27 min

                                  Krysbely Sanchez

                                  General Manager

                                  I’m afraid of heights but want to go skydiving and bungee jumping

                                    StickysStaff2019 46 min

                                    Abu Sayed

                                    General Manager

                                    My grandfather, my father, and myself were each born of 3 separate nationalities.

                                      StickysStaff2019 33 min

                                      Jonathan Sherman

                                      Founder and CEO

                                      I was once mistaken for Jeremy Renner on the street, so I went with it and took a picture with the guy.

                                        StickysStaff2019 44 min

                                        Ariel Strizower

                                        General Manager

                                        I spent 18 months camping in the woods of Virginia

                                          StickysStaff2019 11 min

                                          Gabriel Suarez

                                          General Manager

                                          I have watched every single episode of The Office multiple times. Bingeing seasons at a time!


                                            Elizabeth Tang

                                            Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

                                            I was left-handed until age 4 and now I am fully right-handed.

                                              StickysStaff2019 40 min

                                              Leor Wolf

                                              Director of Store Development

                                              I can speak 4 languages and love Legos.


                                                We are always looking for professional and fun individuals to join our team! With eight current locations and many more on the way, Sticky’s continues to make a dynamic impact each day through great teamwork and dedication to its team members and guests.

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